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Babylon Crossfit is a fun and unique gym that motivates its members to push their limits with high-intensity, constantly varied functional movements. We program our workouts for every ability level by offering scaling options to meet your needs no matter what your current fitness level is.

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We’re not your normal CrossFit gym.

When joining Babylon Crossfit, you will join a supportive community who help each other lead healthier lives. During your CrossFit on-boarding you will learn functional, compound movements that will make you stronger and build a solid foundation which will lead your fitness journey.

You will participate in high intensity interval training with a bit of friendly competition. Although the workouts might be shorter than you’re used to, you will be expending more energy than ever before.

Most importantly, our box is family friendly! We have a kids room set up for your little ones, so feel free to bring them with you.

Come down for a free class and try us out!

Trish Evangelista


Trish is the owner of Babylon CrossFit and a multi-certified, seasoned coach and athlete. Her certifications include CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2, CrossFit Kids, Olympic Weightlifting, Scaling for Crossfit, Spot the Flaw, Lesson Planning as well as attending a highly intensive immersion course with CrossFit Games competitor, trainer and owner of highly-acclaimed CrossFit New England affiliate, Ben Bergeron.

After playing four years of competitive college soccer, Trish found herself struggling to keep up her fitness level. One day, she was on the soccer field coaching a youth team and one of the athlete’s parents suggested she try CrossFit. Like many others who try it for the first time, after the first class she was hooked. Six months later she made the decision to get certified as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer so she could start coaching CrossFit kids because she saw the important role it could play in giving them an opportunity to move for an hour, have fun, and develop relationships with other kids. Six years later, she now coaches both kids and adults and has gone back to further my education and development extensively.

Now with over 6 years of experience coaching kids, teens, adults, senior citizens at 4 different affiliates across Long Island, Trish finally has the opportunity to own her own affiliate. Trish continues to live out her passion each and everyday at Babylon Crossfit by helping people achieve their goals and making a positive change in their lives by implementing the CrossFit lifestyle and has already seen the safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition positively affect so many lives.

Peter Montalbano


Coach “PMont” is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with over four years of experience coaching CrossFit and decades of involvement in sport and nutrition coaching. He taught physical education for over 40 years and was an adjunct professor at Dowling College teaching various courses in wellness and fitness. During his tenure teaching, PMont also coached various sports, most notably serving 30+ years as a varsity soccer coach.

As a CrossFit “masters athlete” (age 60+), one of PMont’s coaching strengths is identifying the physiological differences for each of the members and tailoring workouts to meet their individual needs. He is also committed to assisting members in realizing their long term fitness goals and formulating a plan for sustainable lifestyle changes. His theory that CrossFit is the “Anti Aging Agent” is reflected in his own life, where he has found this method of conditioning has enhanced some of his favorite activities including hiking trails in our nation’s great national parks, golfing, and biking.

Matt Roane


Matt is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with 2 years of experience as a coach and 8 years participation as an athlete. His journey with CrossFit started back in 2012 in his hometown of Lowell, MA where he searched to find a replacement for competitive sports and was instantly drawn to the high intensity and competitive nature of the new activity. Along the way he has become a student of the sport, taking pride in learning the why, not just the how behind each movement, modification and workout. His genuine curiosity and desire to learn led him to becoming a coach here at Babylon Crossfit, giving him a platform to help others through their fitness journeys.

Outside of CrossFit, Matt spends his days helping people bring their ideas to life as a Plastics Engineer. In his free time he is very active; hiking, snowboarding, and playing sports. You also might find him at a sports game anytime a Boston team comes to town.

Chris Hartigan


Chris is a multi-certified, seasoned member of the coaching staff at Babylon Crossfit. Her certifications include CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics, Strongman, USWA Weightlifting and ACSM personal trainer.

Chris has been involved in fitness her whole life as both an athlete and an instructor. She played competitive sports in her high school and college years. After graduating college, she was drawn to a career in fitness and earned her certification as both an aerobic instructor and personal trainer. Her passion lies in the opportunity to work with individuals and help them achieve their personal goals. Chris was introduced to CrossFit in 2005 and never looked back. She loves the movements, competitiveness, and more importantly the community that is forged.

In 2008 Chris got her Level 1 and went on to open her own CrossFit gym which she successfully ran for 4 years, bringing CrossFit to the village of Babylon for the first time and building an incredibly strong community of well-rounded athletes.

Chris is a mother of 4 beautiful children who also share her passion for fitness and are often found on the whiteboard at Babylon Crossfit. Chris is currently completing her license to be a radiology technologist.

Gina Verde


Gina is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with decades of experience coaching and personal training. Gina received her undergrad in Exercise Physiology from Hofstra university.

Growing up an athlete, health and fitness have always been a big part of Gina’s life. She was a competitive gymnast at a very young age and continued through her college years to become a Hofstra cheerleader. Her coaching career began by coaching gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading, and later on to personal and group training, which she has been lucky enough to continue for many years.

Gina began CrossFitting almost 8 years ago. It was a humbling first experience for the lifelong athlete, and since that day, she’s been hooked. Gina went on to become a competitive athlete having participated in numerous competitions including Strong is beautiful, CrossFit for food, Woodstock, Flex on the beach and many more.

Most of Gina’s time is spent with her two beautiful children, Anthony, 7 and Layla, 5. They are the light of her life, and they are also obsessed with CrossFit (kids)!

Chris O’Brien


Chris O’Brien (OB) is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; a Bigger, Faster, Stronger Certified Coach; and a New York State Certified Coach.

With a background in collegiate soccer, OB sought an activity that would be challenging and keep him active after graduation. In December 2011, he found CrossFit and was instantly drawn to the group focus, varied movements, and intense nature that allowed him to grow as an athlete. Shortly after, he obtained his Level 1 and now brings his positive, organized, group-focused coaching style into Babylon Crossfit as a trainer to help each athlete succeed.

OB’s passion for education extends into his career as well, where he currently works as a high school teacher and a varsity soccer coach.

Andrew Raitz


Andrew is a Certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who has been coaching CrossFit for six years, he is also a previous owner of fellow Long Island gym, Islip CrossFit . An incredible athlete and approachable coach, Andrew’s diligent coaching style is detail-oriented and attentive to the small pieces of each movement for every athlete.

Almost 7 years ago, his CrossFit career started like many others. A former high school athlete going through the motions at a globo gym who finally decided to give CrossFit a try. After his first workout, which left him questioning his athletic ability, he was hooked and wanted to improve by getting better, faster, and stronger. The community aspect was also a huge part of the experience for Andrew. Being in a gym full of like-minded athletes, facing the same physical challenges together is an incredibly inspiring and important part of the sport.

After experiencing first-hand the amazing physical, mental and social benefits of CrossFit, Andrew decided to get his Level 1. His passion for giving back and helping athletes achieve their personal goals is what motivates him every day. He particularly enjoys the challenge of working with a wide variety of members from the very experienced to brand new CrossFitters. No matter the level, everyone can always improve on something.

Jacqueline Hartman


Jacq is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a background in fitness that dates back to the 90’s as a personal trainer, aerobic class instructor and swim coach. She also has her certification in Child Nutrition from the National Food Service Management Institute at The University of Mississippi.

Jacq’s health and fitness experience spans sport, style and time zone having worked in the UK and US including Cruise Ships based out of Miami. She participated in her first CrossFit Open in 2014 and went on to compete in several competitions all over the island, developing a passion to learn and eventually earning her my Level 1 to coach and pass on her knowledge. Jacq also holds her First AID/CPR certification. 

The CrossFit methodology has completely changed Jacq’s mindset of how she approaches fitness goals and helping others achieve theirs. For her, the amazing community of support, education, and encouragement is what motivates her to achieve her fitness goals and be the best coach she can be.

Babylon Crossfit

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